PloughCast 41: The World after Roe

Published Date: October 25, 2022 | Source: Plough | Topics: Politics and Current Affairs

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About This Episode

Peter and Susannah have a long conversation with Professor Robert P. George of Princeton University.

A veteran of the pro-life movement, Robert P. George reflects on the opportunity that we now have to build just laws that support the wellbeing of mothers and their children, and, echoing Lincoln, of the need to heal the division between pro-life and pro-choice Americans as much as possible, without compromising on what we believe to be right.

He discusses his thoughts about the future of pro-life politics, and the need for supporting both private and public aid to mothers and families.

  • I: Robert P. George: A Life for Life
  • II: Robert P. George: After Roe
  • III: Robert P. George: Pro-Life Jurisprudence and Policy
  • IV: Robert P. George: Recovering Human Worth

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