The Wrong of Abortion

Published Date: January 1, 2005 | Topics: Natural Law, Philosophy

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[This article was co-authored by Patrick Lee and Robert P. George.]

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Remembering Robert Casey

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On the morning of his Commonwealth’s 1992 presidential primary, I got a telephone call from Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey, a man whose pro“life record I knew and admired, but whom I had never met. A mutual friend had given him a copy of a talk I had presented to the Catholic bishops criticizing the […]

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Six Stem Cell Facts

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By Robert P. George and Rev. Thomas V. Berg, L.C. March 14, 2007 12:01 am ET Americans are divided over the question of whether it is morally acceptable to authorize by law, and fund with taxpayer dollars, research in which human embryos are destroyed. Stating that such research “crosses a moral boundary that our decent […]

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