Rule by Law

Published Date: February 26, 1996 | Topics: Politics and Current Affairs

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[This article was co-authored by Ramesh Ponnuru and Robert P. George.]

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Honest Journalism?

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By Robert George I know that some people believe that “honest journalist” is a contradiction in terms, but I personally know lots of honest journalists. They tell the truth. When they quote people, they do it accurately and provide the context of the quoted words so that no false impression of what was said will […]

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A Clarifying Five Years

Published Date: August 9, 2006 | Topics: Philosophy, Politics and Current Affairs, Religion

Stem-cell politics under a microscope. [This article was co-authored by Robert P. George and Eric Cohen.] In the five years since President Bush announced his policy on the federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research, his opponents have accused him of putting ideology before science and of subordinating sound public policy to sectarian religious scruples. The […]

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