Embryo Ethics

Published Date: January 1, 2008 | Topics: Philosophy, Politics and Current Affairs

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A Clash of Orthodoxies

Published Date: August 1, 1999 | Topics: Philosophy, Politics and Current Affairs, Religion

A few years ago, the eminent Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington published in Foreign Affairs a widely noted article called “The Clash of Civilizations.” Looking at contemporary international relations from a geopolitical vantage point, he predicted a clash of the world’s major civilizations: the West, the Islamic world, and the Confucian East. Huntington’s article provoked a response […]

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Reply to Leithart

Published Date: August 28, 2014 | Topics: Civil Rights and Liberties, Philosophy, Religion

By Robert P. George 8 . 28 . 14 Although I am grateful to Peter Leithart for his interest in my work and his efforts to understand my views about basic human goods, his critique of my thought on the subject seems to me to have gone (to use his term) awry. By “basic human goods” […]

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