Academic Freedom: The Grounds for Tolerating Abuses

Published Date: August 1, 1991 | Topics: Civil Rights and Liberties, Constitutional Issues, Politics and Current Affairs

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We are all familiar – indeed, all too familiar – with abuses of academic freedom.

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Russia’s Extremism Law Violates Human Rights

Published Date: November 26, 2014 | Topics: Civil Rights and Liberties, Foreign Policy and International Affairs, Religion

[This article was co-authored by Katrina Lantos Swett and Robert P. George.] Last Friday, a video deemed offensive to the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church was ruled “extremist” by a city court in Vladimir. While Alexander Soldatov — chief editor of, the website that posted the offending video — now could also be tried for extremism, the real defendants should be Russia’s extremism law […]

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Justice, Legitimacy, and Allegiance: “The End of Democracy?” Symposium Revisited

Published Date: January 1, 1998 | Topics: Politics and Current Affairs, Religion, Reviews and Commentaries

Read in Loyola Law Review.

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